TRY is a collaboration of U.S. based and international journalists, publishers, writers and photographers whose work you know and respect.

You know me, I’m Alex Goff, I’m the editor-in-chief of TRY. I first started writing regularly about the game in the mid-90s and have been there with you as editor of GoffonRugby, the old Rugby Magazine and rugbymag.com, GoffRugbyReport, and FloRugby. I’ve been in this sport for a million years because I love what it represents; it’s the greatest team sport in the world, and the rugby family is the greatest sport family in the world. I believe in TRY because everyone involved in it feels the same way.

We will also work with rugby specialists who know the game and the passion that fuels players and fans. This is a magazine for rugby fans by rugby fans.


This is an ambitious project, and we are not going to compromise on quality. TRY will be a high-quality magazine with top writing, photography and art direction. We can only succeed with the support of rugby fans and readers. We need your support.

Why subscribe to a magazine you haven’t even read? Because like us, you’re just crazy about this sport. Like thousands of people, you love the spirit of rugby. That’s the passion that will lead our team, and that craziness needs to be rewarded.

Becoming one of the founding subscribers will give you:

·       Preferential rates on the magazine cost

·       Your name highlighted in the historical first issue

·       A key contributor in helping the magazine reach the goal of being a high-quality printed product


It is the perfect time to launch a rugby magazine in North America. You deserve a media outlet that delves deeper into the players and the programs that make it special. We’re going to have a little fun, celebrate the game, and tell stories you haven’t heard.

The truths and stories showing that rugby is more than just a sport needs to be told in a beautiful way, don’t you think?

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